The Compliance Adviser must, prior to the issue of a listing document of the type referred to in rule 6A.36 within the minimum period referred to in rule 6A.19 or any period fixed for the purposes of rule 6A.20, submit to the Exchange a declaration in the form set out in Appendix 7J confirming that:—

(1) all the documents required by the GEM Listing Rules to be submitted to the Exchange prior to issue of the listing document have been so submitted; and
(2) the Compliance Adviser has satisfied itself, to the best of its knowledge and belief, having made due and careful enquiries that the listing document is in compliance with the GEM Listing Rules and that:—
(a) the information contained in the listing document is accurate and complete in all material respects and not misleading;
(b) there are no other matters the omission of which would make any statement in the listing document misleading;
(c) all opinions of the directors of the issuer expressed in the listing document have been arrived at after due and careful consideration on their part and are founded on bases and assumptions that are fair and reasonable; and
(d) the directors of the issuer have made sufficient enquiries so as to enable them to give the confirmations set out in the "responsibility statement" contained in the listing document.

Note: Such declaration must, save in exceptional circumstances, be signed on behalf of the Compliance Adviser by the Principal/s who has/have been most actively involved in the work undertaken by the Compliance Adviser and will be treated by the Exchange as an acknowledgement of his/their personal active involvement in the matter.