Where a listed issuer proposes to issue a listing document of the type referred to in rule 6A.36 within the minimum period referred to in rule 6A.19 or any period fixed for the purposes of rule 6A.20, it is permissible for any Sponsor, other than the Compliance Adviser appointed by the issuer for the purposes of rule 6A.19 or 6A.20, to act as the adviser to the issuer in relation to the transaction in question. In these circumstances, the newly appointed adviser must assume responsibility for the particular matters referred to in rules 6A.34 and 6A.35.

Note: The term of appointment of any party engaged for these purposes as adviser to the listed issuer may not expire until the relevant securities of the listed issuer have been admitted to listing on GEM (or, if applicable, until the application for listing has been rejected by the Exchange).