The written engagement agreement of an overall coordinator pursuant to rule 6A.42 must at least specify the following:
(1) the roles and responsibilities of the overall coordinator;
(2) the fee arrangement (including the fixed fees to be paid to the overall coordinator as a percentage of the total fees to be paid to all syndicate CMIs);
(3) the time schedule for payment of the fees to the overall coordinator;
(4) the obligation of the new applicant and its directors to provide the information in rule 12.23AA to the designated overall coordinator for its submission to the Exchange within the required timeframe; and
(5) (for placing in connection with a New Listing) the obligations of the new applicant and its directors to provide the assistance specified in rule 6A.48.
Note: The total fees in this rule, also commonly referred to as “underwriting fees”, include fixed and discretionary fees for providing one or more of the following services to the issuer: providing advice, marketing, bookbuilding, making pricing and allocation recommendations and placing the equity securities with investors.