To facilitate each syndicate member in a placing involving bookbuilding activities (as defined under the Code of Conduct) in connection with a New Listing to identify investors to whom the allocation of equity securities would be subject to restrictions or require prior consent from the Exchange under the GEM Listing Rules, and for each syndicate CMI to meet its obligations and responsibilities under the Code of Conduct, the written engagement agreement with each syndicate member must contain at least the following obligations of the new applicant and its directors:
(1) to provide the syndicate member with a list of the directors and existing shareholders of the new applicant, their respective close associates and any persons who is engaged by or will act as a nominee for any of the foregoing persons to subscribe for, or purchase, equity securities in connection with the New Listing; and such information should be provided to the syndicate member as soon as practicable and in any event at least 4 clear business days before the date of the Listing Committee’s hearing on the listing application;
(2) to keep the syndicate member informed of any material changes to information provided under sub-paragraph (1) above as soon as it becomes known to the new applicant and its directors; and
(3) to provide to, or procure for, the syndicate member all necessary consents for its provision of the information referred to in sub-paragraphs (1) to (2) above to any distributor other than a syndicate member for the same purpose as set out in this rule above.