Where valuations are required under Chapter 8 of these Rules and where the primary method for valuing a property is the residual method, the Exchange may require the directors of the issuer or, in the case of a connected transaction, the independent directors, to include a statement in a prominent position in the relevant document with respect to the valuation of any property held for investment, development, future development and sale. In such statement the directors/the independent directors must:—

(1) critically discuss and assess the assumptions made by the valuer as disclosed in the valuation report for the aforesaid categories of property and the material effect that any variation of those assumptions may have on the valuation figure;
(2) critically discuss the effect of any material conditions affecting the status of the legal title to any such property as disclosed in any legal opinion obtained in respect of such property;
(3) describe in the case of property in the process of being developed or held for future development, and where the valuation is based on the expected sale value of the completed development, the exact stage at which any proposed development has reached; and
(4) describe all known relevant local taxes which may be charged in respect of any proposed property development project and explain how such taxes could affect the calculation of developer's profit contained in any calculation pursuant to the residual method, and the consequent effect on any valuation figure.