Issuers with WVR structures must give force to the requirements of rules, 8A.07, 8A.09, 8A.10, 8A.13, 8A.14, 8A.15, 8A.16, 8A.17, 8A.18, 8A.19, 8A.21, 8A.22, 8A.23, 8A.24, 8A.26, 8A.27, 8A.28, 8A.29, 8A.30, 8A.31, 8A.32, 8A.33, 8A.34, 8A.35, 8A.37, 8A.38, 8A.39, 8A.40 and 8A.41 by incorporating them into their articles of association or equivalent document.