The Exchange retains a discretion to allow the trading halt or suspension of dealings in an issuer's securities in appropriate circumstances which may, on a case by case basis, include the following:—

(1) where, for a reason acceptable to the Exchange, inside information cannot at that time be disclosed; or
(2) where an issuer is subject to an offer, but only where terms have been agreed in principle and require discussion with and agreement by one or more major shareholders. Trading halts or suspensions will only normally be appropriate where no previous announcement has been made. In other cases, either the details of the offer should be announced, or if this is not yet possible, a "warning" announcement indicating that the issuer is in discussion which could lead to an offer, should be issued, without recourse to a trading halt or a suspension; or
(3) where necessary to maintain an orderly market; or
(4) in respect of certain levels of notifiable or connected transaction, for example, one involving substantial changes in the nature, control or structure of an issuer, where publication of full details is necessary to permit a realistic valuation to be made of the securities concerned.