Chapter 29

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Where and for how long should documents on display be published online?

How will these documents be removed from the relevant websites after the expiry of the prescribed display period?


Issuers should publish documents on display on both the HKEX website (through EPS under the new headline category “Documents on Display”) and the issuer’s website.

For documents that are published to meet transaction disclosure obligations only, issuers are required to publish them for time period prescribed by the Listing Rules (which is the same as what the Listing Rules originally require for physical display of such documents).

For documents that are published to meet ongoing disclosure obligations (e.g. constitutional documents, audited financial information and previous transaction circulars), these should be published on a continuous basis. There is no time limit on the length of time listing documents should remain online. (Note: These documents are already published online on a continuous basis. Issuers will not have to publish them again to meet any transaction disclosure obligations as such obligations will be removed with the changes to the Listing Rules.)

After the expiry of any relevant display period prescribed by the Listing Rules, issuers should remove the documents on display manually from the EPS themselves and can also remove them from their own website. They should not do so before the expiry of the relevant display period. The Exchange will not automatically remove documents of display from EPS after a relevant display period has expired.

FAQ Series N/A, FAQ No. 075-2021
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Released on 18/6/2021 (Updated on 01/01/2022)