The concept of proportionality between the voting power and equity interest of shareholders, commonly known as the "one-share, one-vote" principle, is an important aspect of investor protection as it helps align controlling shareholders' interests with those of other shareholders and makes it possible for incumbent management to be removed, if they underperform, by those with the greatest equity interest in an issuer.

Although the Exchange believes that the "one-share, one vote" principle continues to be the optimum method of empowering shareholders and aligning their interests in a company, the Exchange will consider listing applications of companies seeking to deviate from this principle, under the conditions and safeguards set out in this Chapter. Applicants are expected to demonstrate the necessary characteristics of innovation and growth and demonstrate the contribution of their proposed beneficiaries of weighted voting rights to be eligible and suitable for listing with a WVR structure as set out in guidance published on the Exchange website and amended from time-to-time.