(a)    The issuer’s policy on board diversity or a summary of the policy, including any measurable objectives that it has set for implementing the policy, and progress on achieving those objectives;
(b)    disclose and explain:
  (i)    how and when gender diversity will be achieved in respect of the board;
  (ii)    the numerical targets and timelines set for achieving gender diversity on its board; and
  (iii)    what measures the issuer has adopted to develop a pipeline of potential successors to the board to achieve gender diversity.
(c)    disclose and explain the gender ratio in the workforce (including senior management), any plans or measureable objectives the issuer has set for achieving gender diversity and any mitigating factors or circumstances which make achieving gender diversity across the workforce (including senior management) more challenging or less relevant.
  Note: In this Corporate Governance Code, “senior management” refers to the same persons referred to in the issuer’s annual report and required to be disclosed under paragraph 12 of Appendix 16.