8. Suspension of dealings in securities

(1) Where it appears to the Commission that —
(a) any materially false, incomplete or misleading information has been included in any —
(i) document (including but not limited to any prospectus, circular, introduction document and document containing proposals for an arrangement or reconstruction of a corporation) issued in connection with a listing of securities on a recognized stock market; or 
(ii) announcement, statement, circular or other document made or issued by or on behalf of an issuer in connection with its affairs;
(b) it is necessary or expedient in the interest of maintaining an orderly and fair market in securities traded through the facilities of a recognized exchange company on the recognized stock market it operates;
(c) it is in the interest of the investing public or in the public interest, or it is appropriate for the protection of investors generally or for the protection of investors in any securities listed on a recognized stock market; or
(d) there has been a failure to comply with any condition imposed by the Commission under section 9(3)(c),
the Commission may, by notice to the recognized exchange company, direct the recognized exchange company to suspend all dealings in any securities specified in the notice.
(2) The recognized exchange company shall comply with any notice given under subsection (1) without delay.